Combine Websites Into One

Obsolete design and demanding sustainability of two websites. Lack of real estate portfolio.

Combine two websites into one, design interactive real estate portfolio map, and show company activities.

UX Designer

Comparative/Competitive Analysis > User Research > Product Structure > Wireframes > Prototype > Usability Testing > User Feedback > Documentation for Development

The final design addressed two prevailing pain points:
1) The complicated structure of both websites
2) Lack of real estate portfolio map

To address these issues, the design presents an easy website structure and sophisticated, yet simple interactive portfolio map.

An engaging UX that enables smooth and seamless browsing through real estate portfolio map and represents CPI PG company.

  • Workshops
  • UX Research
  • Workshopy
  • Product Structure
  • Sketches, Wireframes, Prototype
  • Usability Testing

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